Learning without Limits

With the Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA), students in grades K-12 have a high-quality, tuition-free, online public school education option. Working one-on-one with a teacher, students can learn anywhere an Internet connection can be found.

You know your kids are special, with their unique strengths, weaknesses, and dreams. That's why the Washington Virtual Academies—programs of Steilacoom Historical School District No. 1 (grades K-8) and Monroe Public Schools (grades 9-12)—and leading online curriculum provider K¹² work together to ignite the minds of children like yours to bring learning and innate possibility alive.

WAVA students students in grades K-12:

  • Work one-on-one with one or more state-certified, highly qualified teachers.
  • Learn with the engaging, patented K¹² curriculum
  • Are connected through our active, supportive school community
  • Benefit from an individualized approach to learning

Who is this intended for?
The Washington Virtual Academies serve students in grades K-12 across the state.

What are the costs?
Because it is part of the public school system, WAVA is tuition free and the entire curriculum is provided at no cost.

How do I get started?
Fill out the form to the right to learn more about WAVA and to find out how to enroll your child!

Because all children deserve to learn without limits.

Individualized Curriculum

The Washington Virtual Academies uses the engaging K¹² curriculum, the leading online curriculum for grades K-12.

The K¹² curriculum is based on decades of education research about how kids' minds really learn—all kinds of minds. The minds that wander when traditional classes are too slow. The minds that get lost in the classroom shuffle. The minds that need a little more time to grasp big ideas.

The K-8 Program

  • Rich, engaging content in five core subjects
  • Mastery-based learning
  • Online and offline materials included
  • Individualized pacing and structure

The K¹²9¹² High School Program

  • More than 90 courses, including exciting electives
  • Multiple versions of core subjects
  • A full support team for each student, including teachers, and advisors
  • Individualized Learning Plans
  • Extensive, personalized support for post-high school success
Teachers & Community

All WAVA teachers are state-certified.

Teachers interact with their students and families during:

  • Regularly scheduled conference calls
  • E-mail and instant messenger conversations
  • Synchronized instructional opportunities
  • School activities and outings
  • Assessment reviews

All WAVA students and families are part of an active, connected school community.

Throughout the year, WAVA staff, students, and parents gather in person to celebrate successes, plan for the future, share tips and advice, and have fun. Students and parents benefit from these opportunities to socialize with and stay connected to their school community.

WAVA students are also connected with other students who use the K¹² curriculum throughout the U.S. and internationally through online discussions, clubs, and competitions.

Enrolling in WAVA

The Washington Virtual Academies accepts students in kindergarten through 12th grade who reside in Washington and meet all eligibility requirements.

Interested in learning about enrollment options for your student? Complete the form on the right to learn more and to stay updated with news from K¹² and the Washington Virtual Academies!

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